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I’ve had this jacket for quite some time now and every time I make an effort to wear this for my next blog post, something always seem to happen. Finally, I found that perfect day!

I’m more into black/dark when it comes to styling so coming up with this colorful getup is kinda unusual for me. I made it as colorful as possible wearing all the neon colors I can find inside my closet, under my bed and in the darkest corner of my room. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my yellow shoes so I had to go with my usual black pants + black boots combo haha


Pixel Jacket Sundance | Graphic Shirt TOMATO | Pants MEMO | Boots TOMATO


Pixel Jacket Sundance | Graphic Shirt TOMATO

Yes. I did grew a beard for 2 weeks but decided to shave it for greener pastures lol. I’ll be trying a different approach and will be changing my style for fun soon. I now have my ‘good boy’ hairstyle on top of my head to begin with. There’s always room for improvement!

I’m also trying to be more productive blogging wise and will post more like I used to do. I feel like I’m missing out all the good opportunities out there :(

Hope I can pull it off!

Have a good day ahead! :)

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