BIG Sale Going on at SM Southmall!

70% off on selected items? I would never miss such a thing! Went straight to SM Southmall yesterday and man, you just feel the amazing vibes that day! 

Even before the day started, I’m already deciding what to buy so when the time comes, I can just go to certain places and not waste my legs. It did not happen. With all those signs saying “30% off” “50% off”, there’s no way I’m not going to check that out haha!


After an hour of full time shopping, I came up with as many items I could pick up! Wasn’t able to take a photo of each and every product I bought, but I’m heck sure I’ll be wearing them on my future outfit shots.

Just a wise tip, make sure you come a little early so you won’t have to deal with the bumper-to-bumper type of shopping.

Stocks are going out fast so you better hurry if you want enjoy this crazy sale!! Drop by SM Soutmall now! :D

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