Get Energized!

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, let’s face it, we all take our time fixing ourselves before we actually face the outside world. Even if girls usually take longer than us guys, we need to make sure that our face is actually presentable to everyone since that is the first thing people look at before they move on and judge to what we’re wearing.

I had my fair share of acne breakouts in the past (it actually came to a point where it was actually unfair lol) and my friends up until today still tease me asking how I got rid of them lol. Everyone understands how breakouts can lower your self confidence big time. So embarassing!

One thing dermatologists proved is that lack of sleep can actually contributes to pimples. True! And I find it hard to manage my sleeping time because I’m on my last phase of college and everything is coming at full force so personal grooming can be quite a task to focus on lately. Good news is that Pond’s Men developed a new way of recharging guy’s skin and our grooming regimen! Wearing a monochromatic outfit for this rainy time of the week, I still felt good and energized for the day!

Jacket and pants from Oxygen

Sweatshirt from Marks & Spencer

 Clutch bag from Banana Republic, shoes from Topman

Unilever has finally found a way to access and recharge the tired and dull, haggard skin of Filipino men by bringing in Pond’s Men new line of products. You can actually wake up and feel like P. Diddy lol

At select Watson’s store, a purchase of Pond’s Men products worth P400 grants you a free skin analysis using the Pond’s Men’s Face Scanner app! It analyzes your face and right there and then, shows you the skin issues and gives you the a prescription of a Pond’s Men variant that best suits your skin issue. How cool is that??

And to fully enjoy the perks of energized skin and a handsome face, Pond’s Men will be giving you a FREE (everyone’s favorite word) Pond’s Men Face Value Card powered by ENJOY giving you awesome discounts and access to over 400 of the best and finest establishments including clubs such as Republiq and Prive, restaurants such as Aracama, Rue Bourbon and clothing brands like Regatta and Memo. One card gives you all of that.

Enjoy perks and privileges from Pond’s Men while getting rid of that dull tired-looking and haggard skin. Just buy Pond’s Men to get benefits of over 300 establishments with the Pond’s Men Face Value Card!

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Whew! This is my first outfit post for quite some time now. I’ve been occupying myself with family activities, getting fit, improving my jumpshot, watching NBA games every morning and watching Supernatural every night with my sister.

It’s fun!!

I haven’t attended any events nor see any of my friends for a couple of weeks now and I can’t say that I’m devastated by that. I actually miss these days when I make the gym my home and spend time with my whole family.

Here’s what I wore to a day filled with food and coffee with half of my clan. Wearing one of my favorite hoodies, it really stands out when you’re out there. Made different shades of blues my theme for this day and I liked how it turned out.

What do you think? :)

Camo hoodie (The Amazing Playground), LBJ USA shirt (adidas), Pants (Energie Jeans)

Camo hoodie (The Amazing Playground), LBJ USA shirt (adidas), Pants (Energie Jeans)

Camo hoodie (The Amazing Playground)

Shoes (PONY) — These was the perfect pair for my outfit. The brown linings really brings out the color of the shoes and perfect for a whole lot of walking!

Photos taken by Nathan Reyes