Hope of Blue

Black and gray has really been my favorite combination when it comes to dressing up. I know, some may call it boring but this is really where I feel safe most of the time. I’m not really an all-out guy for striking colors but I love incorporating small hints of them on my outfit.

Yeah, I do feel safe when I wear black and gray but at the same time, I feel like I’m not allowed to smile just to pull of the look, you know what I mean? It’s like I should be this masungit guy all day to give my look some justice lol

Putting unexpected colors gives a point of interest to your rather basic looking overall :)

Hoodie (Bluenotes), Grey shirt (Forever 21), Bag (Eastpak)

Pants (Uniqlo), Shoes (Milanos)

Peace pin (Bench)

Something I found laying on the floor of Bench at TriNoma yeaaars ago. Kept it ever since hahaa (But I do believe they sell these)

I find it perfect when my look is seemingly dull. I just put this on like The Hand of the King and I’m good to go!

Watch (Oxygen)


I haven’t used the expression “Thank God it’s Friday” for a long time. My Saturday schedule always makes sure of that and that’s why I feel like my weekend only lasts a day. But weekend is still a weekend and I’m often inclined to do or wear something that makes me feel like it is that time of the week indeed.

Woke up this morning at the beautiful sound of rain and my eyes immediately screamed “SUSPENDED!”. I pulled my blanket closer and rolled up like a ball. That’s when the alarm clock destroyed my growing relationship with my bed that moment and noticed that the rain stopped. It’s amazing how the sunshine always hits my eye in the morning. 

With a pooped energy, I decided to wear something that is light enough if the day decided to keep it’s gold and prepared as well if rain does pour later on. Played with different tones of blue and red to keep it interesting. So far, good vibes has been on my side since this morning and I hope I don’t scare it away because I am really enjoying this!


Sweatshirt (Uniqlo), Plaid shirt (Forever 21)


Reversible Pants (Oxygen), Shoes (Vans), Headphones (Urbanears)


Beer patterned socks (Iconic Socks)

This socks gave me more inner happiness than I should be getting from it. Haha I really enjoyed staring at the design while class was ongoing that I had to call the professor’s attention to repeat what he just said. More interesting designs available at SM Accessories!


(Yeah, I may not smiled but trust me, I was a moving spirit all day :D)